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In early 2017, Princeton University Executive-in-Residence Joe Studholme met Eric Wood, the Susan Dod Brown Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University. After determining that there was a strong market need for improved climate data products, they founded Princeton Climate Analytics with Professor Justin Sheffield. They worked with Princeton University’s Office of Technology and Licensing to define, patent, and license the University’s IP for the exclusive commercial use of PCA, Inc.

early pca

Once the license was in place in late 2017, key data science and technology team joined the company and began rapid commercial development and deployment of the PCA Platform. PCA’s first customers included the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the European Commission's Copernicus Program and others as the company delivered the first in a series of high-quality climate data and analysis products.

pca today

The company supports ongoing research via its PCA Labs division, which continues to produce the world’s most advanced, scientifically validated hydrology data and analysis products. We continue our commitment to serving developing regions by providing pro-bono data analysis, tools, monitoring and support to public sector users via our ongoing UNESCO partnership. Primarily, the company develops and markets revolutionary climate data products to finTech, agTech, insurTech, and global government customers.

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