global high resolution risk and vulnerability analysis

The PCA Platform is a robust climate data analytics platform that collects data daily from public and commercial data feeds, cleaning, calibrating, and optimizing them for a continuously enhanced and consistent visualization and interface, ready for scientific analysis. Deployed on a state-of-the-art cloud data center, we make it easy for our customers to seamlessly enhance their data models.

pca platform capabilities

visualize & animate data

Visualize and animate historical, near-real-time, and forecast data for more than 20 dent hydromet variables including:

  • Precipitation - MSWEP
  • Temperature & Wind Speed - MSMET
  • Soil Moisture
  • Streamflow

over 40 years of data

Consistent record from 1979 - present, enabling trend and variability assessments among other studies

.1 degree spatial resolution

Truly global coverage (including ocean areas) at 0.1° (10km) resolution

3-Hourly temporal resolution

3-Hourly data and daily gauge corrections from tens of thousands of stations across the globe

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Fully Interactive

  • Point data for local analysis
  • Spatial data for regional studies
  • Animations for visualization

Download Data

In addition to API access, extract any visualized data in common formats:

  • netCDF
  • Arc-Ascii
  • CSV
  • Binary, XML, SQL & more

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