National Science Foundation Award


National Science Foundation Award

Princeton Climate Analytics has been selected to participate in a $1M National Science Foundation grant as part of NSF’s Convergence Accelerator Pilot.

Assembled team of world renowned experts

PCA joins a team led by the Center for Spatial Studies at UCSB, working on Open Knowledge Networks

PCA will develop common models, methods, and services to enable the publication, retrieval, reuse, analysis, and inference of spatial and temporal data for knowledge graphs across domain boundaries. With support from Oliver Wyman, the PCA team will apply the techniques developed to applications in soil health and hydrology. 

NSF Convergence Accelerator Pilot

This NSF Convergence Accelerator Pilot will support projects across the country that will find new ways to apply Big Data to science and engineering and create technologies that can enhance the lives of American workers.  By leveraging highly interdisciplinary teams across industry and academia, the program has the "potential to translate to high-benefit results and advance ideas from concept to deliverables." PCA is thrilled to be working with the NSF to increase accessibility to the collective work in these fields.