PCA Labs Update

Co-Founder Eric's Trip to China


PCA's Eric Wood academic visit to China

PCA’s co-founder Eric Wood was invited to Chang’an University in Xi’An, China to accept an honorary post as a guest professor. During this trip Professor Wood also received a position as an Overseas Academician at Nanjing University. Both posts are awarded to individuals who have made major contributions in their field of study. 

International recognition

Wood’s work in hydrology has garnered him international acclaim in the landscape of hydrological engineering

These accolades join Wood’s other awards in hydrology, among them the American Meteorological Society’s Jule G. Charney Award, the American Geophysical Union’s Robert E. Horton Medal, and the European Geosciences Union’s Alfred Wegener Medal. Wood receiving these awards helps further the PCA mission of increasing international availability of spatial data and helps create positive research relationships to solve global problems through institutional collaboration.